In one day, more than 2.4 million people of different races, religions, and beliefs, living in 35 local cities, were united by one common event: the consecration of Miami-Dade County into the loving hands of God.The consecration Mass took place Aug. 29 at St. Mary Cathedral, with Archbishop Thomas Wenski as the main celebrant alongside other archdiocesan priests. The mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos A. Gimenez, county commissioners, and Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado were among those in attendance.“Today in this county, our citizens and the government are asking for God’s blessings. In times like these, it is important to show that we are a community of faith,” said Gimenez. “It is important that we place the future of our county in the hands of God as well as in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”The consecration encompassed every area of Miami-Dade, from Biscayne Bay in the east to Everglades National Park in the west, and from the Florida Keys in the south to the Broward County line in the north. All of the county’s residents were placed under the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.“So tonight a group of citizens convinced of God’s love come together to pray for their county, Metro Miami-Dade,” said the archbishop during his homily. “That we do so is a particular expression of our rights guaranteed by the first amendment of our nation’s constitution.”Previously, consecrations have taken place for individual cities: Key Biscayne in 2011, at an ecumenical celebration in St. Agnes Church; Doral in 2012, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church; Miami in 2013, at the cathedral; Fort Lauderdale in January 2014, at St. Anthony Church; and Hialeah in September 2014, at Immaculate Conception Church."The city of Miami was consecrated two years ago and now to have the whole County consecrated is a tribute to the strong faith of our citizens regardless of which religion they observe,” said Regalado. “Like it was for the City of Miami, this consecration is an invaluable tool that will help protect the county and its cities and see them prosper under God." “The human heart both in Scripture and in literature represents the personal center of an individual; the heart symbolizes love. In consecrating our city to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, we wish to acknowledge their love — a love through which Jesus and Mary want to lead us to a selfless love of God and neighbor,” explained the archbishop during his homily.The consecration was arranged by the Mission For the Love of God Worldwide, which seeks to restore an awareness of God as the center of the daily lives of people throughout the world. “Consecration is a pact established between us and God and is a relationship that needs to be nurtured,” said Lillian Peirce, South Florida director of the Mission For the Love of God Worldwide. “Consecrations like this one help re-establish that commitment we have made to Him.”The Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Patrick Slim Domit flew in from Mexico to sign the Declaration of the consecration of Miami-Dade County. He congratulated the faithful for having opened the doors to God and he assured them He would bless and take care of them and give them everything they will need as the loving Father He is.

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