On Monday 26th, 2014 our Founder and Director Generale Mr John Rick Miller was honored and awarded by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia with the order of merit as “Grand Knight of the Nation of Colombia” in recognition for his work and dedication to evangelize the Colombian people in the context of the Catholic faith.Mr. Jose Dario Salazar Senator of the Republic of Colombia, together with his wife, Mrs Maria del Carmen Bernal de Salazar, offered this tittle and medal to Mr. Patricio Slim, Director of the Board of the MISSION FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WORLDWIDE who accepted the aforementioned honor in Mr. Miller’s stead, as he was unfortunately unable to attend the function due to health-related concerns.Likewise, Msgr. Juan Vicente Cordoba gave a Plaque of Recognition from the Ecclesiastical Authorities to John Rick Miller for the work he has done in Colombia. The Cardinal of Colombia, Msgr. Ruben Salazar Gomez, and 22 Archbishops and Bishops signed the plaque.During the ceremony, Senator Jose Dario Salazar thanked the valor and mission of John Rick Miller and emphasized the great responsibility of the Congress of Colombia with these words: The Congress of the Republic has the great responsibility of creating laws with values that protect the integrity of human beings from the moment of their conception, the family and the social coexistence. May God give us the courage and strength that our dear John rick Miller has had, to obtain a Colombia in Peace, fearful of God and protected by the Blessed Virgin.”We congratulate Mr. John Rick Miller and request all of you to join us in prayer in gratitude to God for this great man.photo-1-2
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