Our Cornerstones of the Mission for the Love of God Worldwide

*Consecration *Metanoia

*Prayer from the Heart *Good Works

After meeting with Father David Rozas, he requested that Charlene and Michael Jannise prepare the Spanish and English parishioners for the Consecration to the Two Hearts through the “Mission for the Love of God Worldwide”. It was decided by Father Rozas that Lent would be the best time for the consecration and the Palm Sunday Spanish High Mass would be the most appropriate mass for the Spanish Community and the following day for the English Community.

The preparatory talks for the English would be presented on March 21, March 28 and April 11. The DVD “The Call” was presented beforehand on March 14 in order for those participating to fully understand the objective of “The Mission for the Love of God Worldwide” and to be introduced to the founder of the Mission, John Rick Miller. Preparatory talks were given and prepared by State Coordinator Charlene Jannise. The preparatory talks included point points, intense discussions within the group for each person to fully understand the call to the surrender of their life to God the Father through the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


The Recitation
of the Mission Rosary was recited before the Consecration Mass by parishioners and was led by Theo Domingue


A story Behind these photos by State Coordinator Charlene Jannise
On our arrival at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, a man came up to Mike and

I and told us he had been reciting the Mission Rosary for years. We became more acquainted with the man and his wife, known as Theo and Kathleen Domingue. They both had a special devotion and love for the Rosary, and Our Lady. Father Corey Campeaux had briefly introduced the Mission to the Church Point Community over six years ago, before finding out he was soon to be relocated to Gueydan.

Theo recites the Mission rosary every Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. in the Adoration Chapel and has faithfully done so for over six years. At times there may be as little as 14 or even more and it has continued to be recited until today.


  Consecration report 2019

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