After visiting Chile from January 15-18 of 2018, Pope Francis visited Peru and went to the cities of Trujillo, Lima and Puerto Maldonado. In Lima, he presided a Mass with more than 1.3 million faithful in the Air Force Base Las Palmas. 

This trip was marked by the special gestures of closeness to the elder and the sick. 

During his trip to Trujillo, in the North of Peru, he fulfilled the dream of Trinidad, a 99-year-old lady that only wished she could “touch the Popes hand”. Pope Francis approached her to give her a blessing and he also gave her a Rosary. 

In Lima, outside the Apostolic Nunciature, he baptized a little girl with brain paralysis. 

One of the nights, while he was having dinner, outside the Nunciature a young girl came in a stretcher inside an ambulance asking for his blessing. The Pope invited her in and stayed with her over 15 minutes. 

“We all almost cried” recorded the Nuncio in Peru, Monsignor Nicola Gisaroli….” (

Pope Francis encouraged the young men and women saying: “When Jesus looks at us, he doesn’t think about our perfection, he thinks of the love we have in our hearts to give and serve the others. For Him this is what is most important, the biggest thing.

He also reminded us the importance of prayer and asking for the intercession of our saints that are with us from heaven. “These saints from yesterday but also from today: this land has many, that is why it’s a sanctified land.”

We thank God the Mission’s members were able to participate in several of the activities that were organized for Pope Francis’ visit.

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