St. Wenceslas Parish -We have 2 very active missionaries Maria Helena Martínez and Sandra Milena Gutiérrez who have enthroned 22 images.  


Diocese of Fontibón-5 missionaries


Deissy Moreno , a missionary whom the families receive with much affection, has enthroned 28 of 41 images provided.


Workshops of the Rosary are held in two parishes of our missionaries Alicia and Liliana Garzón who have been directing them every Saturday for four and three months.  They are also preparing for the consecration that will take place on December 12th.


Liliana Herrera has enthroned images at the homes of members of a group called the community of Barnabas. In December we  will do a workshop on the rosary with them.  


Rodrigo Barrera enthroned 4 images requested by the attendees of a Mariology course. 


Maronite Church


Monsignor Denys Antonie Chadda of Aleppo Syria received from the mission a  relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The home Enthronement program was explained to him.



Meeting with 15 Emmaus leaders organized by Lila where we talked about the mission, the Enthronement program and Missionaries of Santa Maria de Guadalupe, all very excited! We saw the two full days enthroned in different homes and teaching them how to carry it out.


We made 7 home enthronements, having  7 committed missionaries: 5 of them are Emmaus leaders and 2 very active ladies... They organized a group of 100 people who are following the mission`s preparation for the consecration in Medellin in a parish, this initiative came from the same leaders of Emmaus who are missionaries of Guadalupe.

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