The Mission arrived at Kenya – Africa on November 2016!

With God's grace, we were able to take 6 original size Relic Images of Our Blessed Mother of Guadalupe which were enthroned in:

House of Formation of the Xaverian Missionaries of Yarumal

The seminarians of this religious order currently participate enthroning images of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the territory which includes Kibera and they also pray the Rosary before the Image.


The Regional House of the Xaverian Missionary Priests of Yarumal was consecrated to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in the presence of more than 20 of the Yarumal priests from different countries. The original size sacred image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was also enthroned.  The priests venerate the Image of Our Lady, entrust themselves to Her and gather to pray the Holy Rosary.



Samburu tribes community

The Mission participated in the ordination of Charles Ekwan Lechapin, the first of the Samburu tribe. In the framework of the celebration, the sacred image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in original size solemnly entered in procession, in the midst of songs and dances of the tribe. The Image is currently in the Parish of Barsaloi where it is venerated by the faithful who are being evangelized and they pray the Holy Rosary.


Community of Samburu and Turkana tribes. 

The arrival of our Mother of Guadalupe was spectacular, as the Sisters of Saint Therese community prepared to receive it with allegories and chants. It was enthroned in the parish of the place where women and children now gather to venerate Our Lady and to pray the Holy Rosary. 


Community of Samburu Tribes

The sacred Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was enthroned in the parish of the place, by Bishop Joselito, where they received it with songs and dances; the children especially showed great joy at Her arrival. It is currently visited by the people of the community who begin with the prayer of the Holy Rosary.


The Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was spectacularly received.  They prepared a solemn procession with songs and dances and the local women treated the Image of Our Lady with great affection. It was enthroned and exposed for public veneration.

Our journey in Africa

Popi bringing Our Lady of Guadalupe to Africa

Where are we stablished?

Where are we established?