The purpose of the present document is to illustrate the saturated working agenda of the Mission’s International Directors recent visit to Nicaragua. We were blessed to receive our brothers Juan Chaparro, Angelica Cantu, Viviana Ulloa and Carol Rivera in our country.The first thing I would like to acknowledge is my profound gratitude and satisfaction for the dedication and loving support that each director put into every activity, as well as the contributions of each member of the Mission in Nicaragua. None of this would have been possible without the generosity in which each one responded to the Lord’s calling in Nicaragua. To all, my blessings and gratitude. August 24, 2016MatagalpaUpon the Director’s arrival in Managua, we immediately headed to the northern city of Matagalpa to meet with Father John Anthony Boughton, who has been assigned by the Bishop of Matagalpa. Father John, a firm believer of the Mission, summoned Jaime and Xiomara Lanuza to collaborate with the Mission in the town of Sebaco, which is the first place where the Mission will be established in the Diocese of Matagalpa. After the meeting, both Father John and the Lanuza’s were ever more convinced by the Mission’s charisma and of the need to work tirelessly to promote the Four Cornerstones of the Mission. This meeting resulted in a new encounter with a group of lay people from Sebaco which will be detailed later in this report.August 25, 2016ManaguaA breakfast meeting with the Pastoral Vicar of the Archdiocese of Managua and a few friendly parish priests was held out of the need to make the Mission known more in detail. These are priests of parishes we are interested in bringing the Mission to in the near future. Very early in the breakfast, it was evident how the Holy Spirit had blessed the directors’ dedication since the priests became enamored with the Mission’s charisma and 4 cornerstones. The directors reaffirmed the priests that the Mission in Nicaragua is there to assist and work hand in hand with the Church, through each Parish’s Pastoral Plan.The priests showed their admiration and interest towards the Mission’s work. Praise and genuine interest in supporting the Mission was thoroughly expressed.While the guests were heading towards the breakfast meeting, two of the directors, Viviana Ulloa and Carol Rivera were appearing in the morning tv talk-show “Buenos Dias Nicaragua” in Channel 12, inviting people to attend the talks at the Parishes of Santo Domingo and San Francisco in Managua and Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Ticuantepe. Initially, we were scheduled to appear at another local tv station (Channel 63), but the presenter canceled that same morning due to health problems. A member of the Mission -Nicaragua chapter, Joel Gutierrez, drove to Channel 12 asking God that they may be granted a minute in the morning program. We believe that this television appearance was a gift of God, as you may imagine that it is not usual that one can just walk in on a tv program! Thanks be to God!!San Francisco Parish,ManaguaAt 2 p.m., the directors headed towards San Francisco Parish in Managua, where they explained the Four Cornerstones of the Mission. This was necessary so that everyone has a complete understanding, not only of the Mission’s charisma, but also the development of each cornerstone.Four new members assisted the workshop that followed two days later.The day ended with one hour of Adoration and Holy Mass.August 26, 2016On this day, the directors gave another talk to laymen who either heard about it on channel 12 or were directly invited, but this time at Santo Domingo Parish.At 5 pm we took part on the last talk of the day at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Ticuantepe, where last year the consecration of 1,200 people took place. On this occasion, we wanted to make emphasis on the importance of committing to being active in the service and calling of God the Father. This is specially important because the parish priest does not have a vicar. Nevertheless, he has organised the 22 rural communities, with a coordinator in each one. In preparation of last year’s Consecration, the coordinators participated in a workshop to understand the origin, meaning, importance and effects of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sorrowful Heart of Mary. After receiving the workshop, the coordinators prepared the faithful using the 30 day meditations and knowledge obtained in the workshop. The result was 1,200 people were consecrated to the hearts of Jesus and Mary on the 12th of July 2015.Today’s challenge is to create prayer cenacles and OLOG enthronement program. The director’s words creeped up 17 people, who have expressed their commitment to participate.August 27, 2016On this day, we planned an all day workshop for those who have expressed genuine interest in working for the Mission - Nicaragua. Each director made a detailed presentation on their individual areas of expertise; consecration, evangelization, development and prayer cenacles. The workshop was of great benefit to all, filled with interesting question and answers and detailed explanations of the Mission’s charisma. August 28, 2016Directors Viviana Ulloa, Carol Rivera y Juan Chaparro returned to their countries today. Nevertheless, Angelica Cantu stayed with us and delivered a heartfelt workshop on the establishment of the prayer cenacles and OLOG Enthronement program. I would like to stress Angelica’s moving gift of speech, who managed to stir the hearts of those that last year declared that they were “too busy and too involved in other programs” to work for the Mission, and in this occasion they have pledged to work with all their energies. Many were moved to tears during her talk on Our Lady of Guadalupe and the many blessings for those that take Her in their homes and hearts. She also explained in detail the development and process in creating the prayer cenacles and Home Enthronement program.In addition to the 17 people that had signed up, another 6 people undertook the challenge to join, for a total of 23 active working people in the Parish of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Ticuantepe.August 29, 2016On the last day of international director, Angelica Cantu in Nicaragua, we headed to Sebaco to meet with lay men and women that are candidates to form the Parochial Council.Once again Angelica explained in detail the 4 Cornerstones of the Mission, as well as the processes of consecration, creation of prayer cenacles en home enthronement program.A total of 13 people committed to working for God, giving Him a firm “yes” to the calling in Sebaco. We await Father Jairo’s confirmation to begin work in his parish.Report

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